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by wiekapasripeg


Multimedia Design - Gen Kiyooka - 4813 KB - Image Editing - FaceBoof!

◒ 1.0.1 FaceBoof!:

FaceBoof! is the photobooth's three-legged cousin with a bucktoof lisp.
Did you ever wish that the cool photo boof effects were customizable? Or that you could use more than one at a time? Well, dream no more! FaceBoof! gives you have access to over 50 built-in effects and hundreds of 3rd party effects (requires additional free downloads, see FotoBoof! Web page).
And FaceBoof! has automatic face tracking and therefore knows exactly where your mugs is located in the camera and can apply picture effects only to your face area. Create masks, disguises, sunglasses: use almost any picture from the Internet and use color removal to make it appropriately transparent.
FaceBoof! includes a bunch of funny effects and you can combine them with the effects you already know and love and save the combination as a .FaceBoof file for later use.
Or for sending to mom. Warning: mom might not understand.
Just sayin'

10.12.4 VERS.1.0.5.FACEBOOF!.RMGE.ZIP!.RMGE.ZIP {4909 KB}

10.14.2 FaceBoof!-v.1.0.3-jCFe.dmg!-v.1.0.3-jCFe.dmg {4476 KB}

Updated to MacBook hcrrsj_faceboof!_vers_1.1.1.pkg!_vers_1.1.1.pkg {5101 KB}

Featured MacOS 2RK-FaceBoof!-vers-1.0.2.dmg!-vers-1.0.2.dmg {4187 KB}

Updated version v.1.0.4-FaceBoof!-Xd3.dmg!-Xd3.dmg {3994 KB}

Best 10.14.3 ver.-1.3.1-faceboof!-fgzrry.pkg!-fgzrry.pkg {5101 KB}

to Sierra FaceBoof!! {5053 KB}

Gen Kiyooka

Software key

MacOS 3.21

New for 10.13 1.1

Recomended on iMac Pro c5ase.1.4.1.War.Pinball.HD.dmg 3.3.1


released March 30, 2019


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